About Vicki

Victoria (otherwise known as Vicki) Thibeault was born and raised in the good ole state of Maine. Her education and work have taken her through numerous towns and cities. throughout the state. For the past 10 years has lived in Lewiston.  She spent over 30 years in state government service. She focused on working with children and adults with varied disabilities.  She has a BS degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and a MS.Ed in Counseling.

Her interest in Reiki began when she took a CED course at UMA in Alternative and Holistic Healing in 1995. Vicki attained her first degree practitioner certificate that year, followed in 1997 with her Second degree. In 2007 she attained the level of Master/Teacher.  Vicki began building her business while preparing for retirement. She has been working with clients more intensely since 2012.  Upon retirement in 2015 her life’s focus has been working with clients both individually and offering training to groups of in all three degrees.

The fruits of her labor are clients who walk out of her practice less stressed, more grounded, and able to engage in a more pain-free life.

In her spare time, she practices Kundalini Yoga, works out and does spin classes at the gym, and enjoys outdoor walks and shopping malls.