I’ve been a tad bit out of commission due to technology challenges (thanks Mercury!] and it may not be over quite yet but at least I have this mailing list back on track for now. I give thanks to a patient and diligent member of one of my business networking groups, that knows way more than I, about this technology stuff.

I’m thankful for a really nice “lower chakra” yoga series courtesy of Sara Goodrich in conjunction with CO Lab Creations/Up with Community.

I also want to thank all of my clients who value the importance of ongoing Reiki for healing. Reiki is not something that instantly promotes healing. It’s a process that can take often, three sessions to really begin to get the energy working for you.

Thanks to Pat Donahue of Your Best Skin for allowing me to do mini-sessions at her open house a couple of weeks back.

Thanks to all from Think Local and Network L/A for support and resources for referrals, not to mention those of you who’ve experienced the wonder of Reiki at my practice.

I’m grateful to all of the practitioners who gave of their Saturdays to learn how to use Reiki for themselves and others.

Thanks to opportunities to share Reiki among practitioners and to Megan Brown, who’s been so giving to me with the psychic fair at the Ramada over the summer. She’s been so helpful in countless ways in promoting the value of Reiki for healing!

There are so many to be thankful for, I’d not want to have you reading this for hours.

The holidays are upon us and I give thanks to my family and friends also for support and encouragement.

Finally, I look forward to new and returning clients, students wanting to learn to use this amazing modality, and curiosity from those who aren’t quite sure what Reiki is all about. I’m always open to chat with folks that may have questions, or concerns.

So, who’s ready for a session, a trade, a share, or training??? Shares and Reiki I will be offered in January. What works for you????

Happy holidays to my Reiki family!!

Love and Light

Vicki Thibeault,

Reiki Master/Teacher