Happy 20Niceteen a new expression for the goal of this year, to focus on being nice thus instead of 2019 it becomes 20 niceteen!! However you say it here’s hoping for a lot more “nice” this year for everyone everywhere!

January 26 is fast approaching and if you want to get in on this 1st Degree Reiki training opportunity it’s just over 2 weeks away that pre-registration deadline comes our way. Pre-registering means committing to attend through partial payment for the training one week prior to class, the 19th. I will train 3-5 students who are ready to engage in this powerful tool to promote what we all can benefit from, healing. Even better, you can use Reiki for yourself whenever you need it. If you know of anyone who may also be interested, feel free to refer them as well.

2nd and Master/Teacher training are also coming up in March and May so stay tuned.

Love and Light,

Victoria Thibeault,

Reiki Master/Teacher

The Reiki Room Lewiston

E-mail: vicki154

Phone: 740-8530

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