First let us at the Reiki Room, Lewiston send heartfelt wishes for joy, togetherness, enlightenment and abundance in this giving and sharing holiday season!

January is fast approaching and I have been looking at Reiki I and II training dates. I believe there has been interest for both over the past few months and want to honor your requests. Here are the dates:

Saturday January 25 for Ist degree training, 10-3 Cost: $100

Saturday March 14 for 2nd degree training 10-3 Cost: $300

Both classes require prior registration one week before class is to be confirmed and at least 3 students need to sign up for the classes to happen.

Remember, The first Degree is for anyone wanting to learn to do Reiki, it’s not limited to this mailing list. If you know of others interested, please send them my way!

I see this as a valuable skill for you to use for both yourself and others and the charge is way less than when I took my training back in 1996-97 and I’m seriously thinking rates might be rising soon. The expenses do not even begin to cover the cost of all of the prep work, materials, food, overhead etc. You might want to jump on the wagon this spring!

People who lie on my heated table get off with comments like: “I’m so much more relaxed and grounded,” and “Every time I come I go deeper down and come out feeling so much better.” And “I didn’t have to take advil for my TMJ for 3 days.” This, to name a few….

Now off to work with a new client to promote more healing for her.

Be safe and enlightened, my friends!!

Victoria Thibeault,

Reiki Master/Teacher