Checking in to remind those planning to attend this Saturday’s Reiki Share from 1-4 at the Reiki Room Lewiston. I have 2 takers. It’d be great to have2 or more additional practitioners as the more sharing, the more powerful! Let me know ahead as I want to make sure I’m prepared and able to accommodate accordingly.

Reiki I training is set for Saturday September 28 from 10-3, here as well. As stated earlier, I’ll need at least 3 participants confirmed with partial payment by this coming Saturday to hold the class. Before I commit to the training, I need to know who’s committing to come so that, again, I can prepare properly to make it an awesome training day. The more students, the more interaction and practice is available.

I’m looking forward to leading a new group of potential healing folk!!

Love and Light,

Victoria Thibeault,

Reiki Master/Teacher