The Reiki Room, Lewiston will be at the Community Holistic Healing Fair on Sunday March 1 from 10-4 with gift certificates, mini-sessions, and lots of information to share. Check out the website for mor information.

On March 14 I’m offering a Reiki II training for those interested in getting into the second Degree. This is where folks learn how to direct energy using symbols, one of which is used to send healing to any distance desired depending on where healing needs to go. As always, I would run the class only if a minimum of 3 students enroll and pay half of the cost one week prior. Total cost is $300 and includes attunement to Reiki II, manual, practice/discussion time, and a light lunch as well as a certificate of completion at the end of the day. I promise not to bombard others already trained which means I’ll need to hear from you prior to the 7th with the financial commitment or class will be postponed till a later date. If anyone knows of an interested student, please send them my way.

I am looking into a downtown office with other practitioners and will keep you posted as it’s taking a tad longer than we were hoping it would. I’m excited to be in an affluent area of Lewiston that might be a whole lot easier for folks to access the power of Reiki and lots of other healing options.

Hope to see you all at the Ramada!!!

Victoria Thibeault

Reiki Master/Teacher